MOREIRA Maria Del Rosario
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Intelligent packaging of fruits and vegetables.
"Intelligent Packaging: Current technologies and applications
Año: 2022;
During the last two decades, the production and consumption of fresh-cut commodities in the developed countries has experienced a continuous increase. This trend is due to demand for food products with health-promoting properties beyond the general provision of essential nutrients. The continuous consumer interest in high quality and food safety, combined with environmental concerns has stimulated the development and study of biodegradable coatings that avoid the use of synthetic materials. Edible film and covering are applied with the objective of extending the shelf life of the foods and they provide the possibility to improve the safety of the product. This effect is due to the limitation of the transfer of humidity, oxygen and compounds responsible for the flavor, color and aroma. The use of active coatings is shown as an option to offer safe ready-to-eat fruits and vegetables and respond to the growing demand of consumers for fresh, environmentally friendly and products free from chemical preservatives. The employment of edible film and coverings formulated with polysaccharides, proteins, lipids, preservatives and active compounds play an important role in the industry of foods. They have demonstrated to be effective in the conservation of fruits and vegetables controlling the transfer of gasses, microbial growth, as well as maintaining the organoleptic characteristics required by the consumers such as fresh appearance, stability, shine, color, quality and safety. Moreover, the development of edible coatings as carriers of active ingredients (such as, antibrowning agents, antioxidants, antimicrobials, colorants and flavoring agents) is a promising packaging alternative for maintaining freshness of fresh-cut products. The purpose of this chapter is to demonstrate that the use of edible coatings contribute to the preservation of fruits and vegetables preservation, maintaining an optimum postharvest quality.