Welcoming ceremony for the awarded scientist Cecilia Bouzat

After receiving her award in Paris, the CONICET researcher was welcomed by the scientific community.

The scientist together with the authorities of the L’Oréal – Unesco Award “For women in Science”. Photo: CONICET photography

Researcher Cecilia Bouzat, the winner of the L’Oréal – Unesco Award “For woman in Science”, was welcomed by the Argentine scientific community at the Academia Nacional de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales (ANCEFN). The ceremony was headed by Mirtha Flawiá, vicepresident of Scientific Issues of the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET), Germán Herrera, president of L’Oréal Argentina and Roberto Cignoli, president of ANCEFN. (Watch video)

During the event, Flawiá congratulated the winner and highlighted that “this is a clear demonstration of the status of the Argentine scientific community and the substantial role it has for building the country we all want”. Besides, she remarked that “it is certain that the development of the society is based on science and
technology. The distance between basic research and applied research for technological development has shortened and this increases the strategic importance for the former”.

Likewise, she indicated that the current industrial processes require more scientific knowledge in order to understand the technology being used, and at the same time, this is a new source of employment for researchers of the national productive sector. She concluded that “in these last years we have benefited from the scientific policies adopted by the national government through the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation led by Lino Barañao. We know that there is a strong and irreversible relationship between the scientific advances and the welfare of society”.

For his part, Herrera stated that “since 1998, more than 2000 female scientists have been recognized in 115 countries; and 29 of them are Argentine”. Furthermore he highlighted that “their skills and talents are the best engine Argentine science can have”; and added “we believe that science has the power to lead society towards a better future”.

Finally, Cecilia Bouzat stated: “this award is an acknowledgment for her career, but there has always been a team working with me”. “ I made all my career in Argentina and that is why I am so grateful to my country for allowing me to be one of the five most important female scientists of the world in 2013”, she concluded.