The CONICET will incorporate 830 researchers, 11% more than the previous year

The Council’s board of directors approved the selection of positions for the Scientific Researcher Career and the Development of Strategic Themes

The National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET) is going to have 830 new researchers, a number that compared to the 2014 incorporations –which included 746 posts– indicates an increase of 11%, i.e. 84 new positions available that were added to the 2015 call.

As every year, this call arouses great interest and received a number of 1611 applications for the Scientific Researcher Career (CIC in Spanish) from all the country, where 830 applicants were selected. As regards the ones who were not appointed, there were presentations of the fellows who belong to the Council (463) and applicants of other institutions (318).

It is worth mentioning that from the 463 CONICET fellows who were not chosen for this call, 321 have current scholarships for the 2016-2017 period. Furthermore, there are 30 more researchers who applied for the Scientific Research Career as well as for the Postdoctoral Scholarship.

To check the results of the call, click here.