Strategic Plan

The Executive Board, the Management Areas and the Institutional Network is currently in charge of the formulation of CONICET’s Strategic Plan. The objective of this task is to:

  • Define the vision of the Council in the current context in order to establish a line of work, and the measures to accomplish that aim.
  • To define the priorities and potentiate the results of scientific production and technology development.
  • Promote knowledge and technology transfer for the development and welfare of society.
  • Strengthen the activities to coordinate with the Science and Technology System, other government agencies at a national and provincial level, universities, the productive sector en international cooperation institutions.
  • Enhance and complement the existing capacity of the Institutional Network to deal with the needs, local and regional problems, and provide solutions from an interdisciplinary approach.
  • To contribute to the development of an integrated management approach to strengthen information systems and quality management, indicators design and monitoring results.
  • Improve the role of the budget as a management tool of the institutional policies.
  • Promote the policy of institutional and programs communication and the actions that make CONICET more visible for the society and encourage the development of scientific vocations.