Scientists present a book about forest science and technology in Argentina

It is a compilation of articles written by Argentine scientists with collaborations from Mexico, France and Italy.

The Argentine Network of Forest Science and Technology (REDFOR – CONICET) presented the book “Forest science and technology in Argentina,” which includes two years of publications on research activities of different groups in the country and diverse approaches about forest science and technology. is a joint initiative of institutions linked to Forest Sciences, which comprises professors, researchers and institutions linked to education, science and forest technology.  It aims at coordinating the production and transfer of scientific and technical knowledge related to the area.

The book covers topics from plant genetics to innovation, including forestry, environment, technology, industry, gender and various opinion pieces. This and the quality of the material written by members of the country’s academic and scientific system was the reason for the preparation of this edition.

Cristina Area, Principal researcher of the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET) at the Instituto de Materiales de Misiones (Universidad Nacional de Misiones – CONICET), is one of authors and editors of the book. “Within REDFOR, we propose the dissemination of forestry issues so that society knows all its benefits and, on the other hand, to communicate to specialists the issues that are handled at the research level and that are generally unknown. That is why we decided to look for a médium like (AF), widely read in the sector, to show these research works. So after that we decided to compile everything in a book so that the information is more accessible,” she explains.

Ana Maria Lupi, chemical engineer and REDFORar Coordinator added: “It is a book that can be read by a student, a professional producer, all those who are in science and technology and even politicians, as its language and length is consistent. The articles have data, it is not only general information, so those who read it can benefit from it.”

“Forest Science and Technology in Argentina ” is intended for readers of the entire forestry-industrial, forestry and environmental value chain, consultants, professionals from various disciplines, students, officials, and anyone who is interested in knowing how the country works in pursuit of the development of the discipline.

A total of 166 scientists and evaluators from Argentina, Mexico, France and Italy participated in the preparation of the book.

“For the Board of Directors of the network, the book is a great product, a source of pride, because we are a young network. Producing this material is something exciting because we are providing very useful material that demands a lot of work,” Lupi concluded.

To download the book click here.