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Noricum and Pannonia during 5th and 6th Centuries. The Eastern Alps as a Recruitment Ground
Der Ostalpenraum im Frühmittelalter - Herrschaftsstrukturen, Raumordnung und archäologisch-historischer Vergleich
Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften
Lugar: Viena; Año: 2020; p. 17 - 33
In this paper I intend to analyse the processes involved in the formation of new elites, and the manner in which such processes affected and shaped the character of the local population, as well as its patterns of behaviour. Moreover, I intend to throw some light on the military activities developed within the territories of Noricum and Pannonia, and how these activities influenced the ways of life of the Roman provincials and the non-Roman inhabitants of the region. Finally, I will attempt to interpret the image of the region conveyed by the written sources. Concerning this last point, I will propose that the Eastern Alps became a recruitment ground during the fifth and sixth centuries, both for the Eastern emperors and for the barbarian leaders. In order to do so, I will rely on the testimonies written by witnesses and historians during the end of fifth century and through the sixth. I will resort to the archaeological evidence as well in some particular cases, precisely due to the scant nature of the literary sources of the period. Given that many of the processes analysed are complex, I will provide brief summaries of the political and military history of the region, since they will help with understanding of my arguments.