Journal of forensic reports to show the contributions of Science to Justice

“About a case” is a publication that explains the way in which scientific-technological advances and knowledge can be applied in judicial expertise.

As part of a joint work between the National Program for Science and Justice  of CONICET and the Institutional Relations Office of the Council, the journal “About a Case” is launched, which brings together forensic cases and invites everyone to reconstruct and share their professional experience in the judicial field.

In this regard, the Legal Affairs Manager of CONICET and Technical Representative of the Program, Alan Temiño, reflected: “We are very proud of this journal, hoping that it will be a new channel for promoting scientific and technological activity applied to resolution of court cases.” In the first issue the authors explain how they had to reconsider the techniques implemented and move away from the mere application of a protocol, thus establishing a precedent for other cases linked to forensic voice analysis , mummification processes and the need for complete autopsies.

Likewise, Temiño highlighted: “I would like to call CONICET researchers and technicians who work with judicial cases and promote innovative techniques that contribute to the solution of forensic problems to be analyzed by the Editorial Committee and the Advisory Council of the National Program for Science and Justice, so as to be included in future issues.”

To participate, the author(s) must send a summary of the work to the email, explaining why they consider their case interesting. The Editorial Committee will evaluate whether it is pertinent for the purposes of this publication and the decision will be communicated as soon as possible. To know the publication rules, click here.

To access the first issue and more information, click here.

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