CONICET will be part of an important event of citizen engagement

The Council’s digital repository, which hosts 75 thousand scientific and academic studies, will be presented in Argentina Abierta.

On May 8th, at 4 p.m., CONICET will be part of a national event about open government, citizen participation, transparency and access to information that will take place in Pasaje Dardo Rocha in the city of La Plata. The event is Argentina Abierta, a conference suitable for all audiences organized by the ‘Secretaries of Modernization’, the ‘Head of the Cabinet of the National Government and the province of Buenos Aires’, and the ‘Secretary of Modernization’ of the local Municipality. The previous meetings took place in Tecnóplis, Córdoba and Mendoza.

The Council will present CONICET Digital, its institutional repository of open and free access where the scientific production of the institution -there are 200 new registrations per day- is available. Lorena Carlino will be the speaker and the responsible for the platform that hosts about 75 thousand documents. At the meeting, there will be representatives from the National Technological University (UTN), the Municipality of La Plata and the local IT Pole.

Since 2015, CONICET repository has recovered the scientific and technological production of its entire staff for teachers, students and research. It is fed by the ‘Comprehensive System for Management and Evaluation’ (SIGEVA) through which researchers and scholars of the Council file their work annually. As some extra benefit and with previous permissions, the service can contact the person interested in a certain article with the authors so as to extend the academic exchange and even produce collaborative work.

If you are interested in attending Argentina Abierta, click here to enroll.