“We need another decade to continue moving forward in the same direction”

Roberto Salvarezza was the main speaker at the science and human rights conference held in La Plata.

Roberto Salvarezza next to Horacio Pietragalla Corti and Florencia Saintout

Roberto Salvarezza, president of CONICET, spoke at the meeting “Science and Human Rights. Memory, truth and justice of the reconstruction of the Scientific System” that was held at the Presidente Néstor Kirchner building of the Faculty of Journalism and Social Communication, at the National University of La Plata (UNLP).

During his exposition, Salvarezza emphasized that “one of the most important contributions of the scientific and technological system in relation to human rights was to clearly collaborate with the punishment of all perpetrators, recognition for victims and the recovery of families.”

Besides, he assured that “human rights are very present in the agenda of science and technology. This perspective aims to help ensure a model of sustainable and inclusive development and its capacity to benefit all citizens”.

Furthermore, the head of CONICET explained the different historical moments of the Argentine scientific system and he highlighted that “in order to find a clear policy aimed towards the integration of technology and knowledge to a model of development for an inclusive country, we have to refer to the first administrations of Juan Domingo Perón”.

As regards that, he highlighted “the political decision of the former president Néstor Kirchner to relaunch that model of development with the recovery of the dismantled scientific apparatus, as well as with the recognition of this activity with improvements in salary and infrastructure works. Thanks to all that, we have experienced a much robust growth”.

“We need a state policy that does not become stagnant, we need another decade to continue moving forward in the same direction and not one that would make us retreat and remain as a mere ornament that only a few would enjoy”, he concluded.

Salvarezza was accompanied by Florencia Saintout, Dean of Journalism at the UNLP, and Horacio Pietragalla Corti, national deputy on the list of “Frente para la Victoria” party and a recovered grandson.

At the opening of the conference, Saintout stated that “the scientific system was strongly impacted by this moment of formidable reconstruction, absolutely positive regarding structural terms with a great number of repatriated researchers, investments and the creation of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation”.

The deputy Pietragalla, as a recovered grandson, said: “I recovered my identity in April 2003 and I was the 75th of my peers. Today we are 108. This is due to a state policy on human rights”.

“Three months after recovering my identity, I found the remains of my dad and a year later my mum’s. Unlike other mates, I had the chance to bury my relatives. I owe all this to science”, he remarked.

Adelina Dematti de Alaye, founder of the organization Mothers of Plaza de Mayo and Honoris Causa from UNLP, also attended the meeting.