The CONICET signed an agreement to build the INSIBIO in Tucumán

This agreement will enable the implementation of the joint construction of the Instituto Superior de Investigaciones Biológicas on a plot of land that belongs to the Universidad Nacional de Tucumán

The president of the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET), Dr. Roberto Salvarezza; the president of the Ente Provincial Bicentenario of Tucumán and deputy governor, Dr. Juan Luis Manzur; and Dr. Alicia Bardón, vice-chancellor of the Universidad Nacional de Tucumán [National University of Tucumán]; signed Memorandum of Understanding to build the Instituto Superior de Investigaciones Biológicas (INSIBIO) [Institute for Biological Research]. The agreement was signed in the office of the Tucumán Legislature.

“The construction of the new building is a contribution provided by the CONICET to the interior of the country, towards development; and there are no doubts that Tucumán is going to be the engine of growth of the Argentine north”, Dr. Salvarezza stated. He also mentioned that if there is no coordination between the efforts of the academic systems of the University and the CONICET with the municipalities, it would be very difficult to impact on society, which is our goal.”

The president of the CONICET highlighted the fact that the INSIBIO is an emblematic institute for Tucumán. This institution trained researchers who then became relevant figures for the scientific and technological centre of the province. “This place has scientific and technological wealth produced by the Province, the University, and our contribution”, Dr. Salvarezza concluded.

For his part, the deputy governor of Tucumán, Dr. Juan Luis Manzur, said “this work is going to be turning point for the society and the province. It was created with the contribution of different sectors, CONICET funds, a plot of land of the University, and the participation of Tucumán. Our central aim is to strengthen those actions and provide work.”

Dra. Alicia Bardón stated that the joint work with the CONICET, the Province, and the University is vital for the development of Tucumán and the region. “We have researchers trained to provide answers, and that has been proved for 50 years at the INSIBIO”, she said.

The INSIBIO’s new building will be constructed on a plot of land provided by the Universidad Nacional de Tucumán [National University of Tucumán]. The building is going to comprise two floors with an area of 1556 m2 for the construction of laboratories and offices. Furthermore, there will be other 650 metres constructed for areas of internal circulation and other 506 metres for external circulation.

The INSIBIO is a non-profit-making institution, devoted to basic research dependent on the CONICET and the Universidad Nacional de Tucumán [National University of Tucumán]. The principal objectives of this institution are the research, development and teaching of biological sciences.