The CONICET signed an agreement for the creation of the Environmental Observatory of La Plata

This agreement was signed among the National Scientific and Technical Research Council, the Universidad Nacional de La Plata and the Commission for Scientific Knowledge of the Province of Buenos Aires.

Authorities during the signature. Photo: CONICET Photography

The president of the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET), Dr. Roberto Salvarezza, the vice-chancellor of the Universidad Nacional de La Plata (UNLP), Raúl Perdomo, and Eng. José María Rodríguez Silveira, president of the National commision for Scientific Research of the province of Buenos Airs (CICPBA) signed an agreement to form the Environmental Observatory of La Plata.

At the vice-chancellor’s office of the UNLP, the authorities of the three organizations committed themselves to boosting joint actions about scientific and technological research, technological developments, transference to social and productive sectors, and training of human resources necessary for those purposes.

“This agreement is really significant because it shows the cooperation between the institutions of the scientific and technological systems such as the University, which is our inseparable partner, and in this case with the CICPBA”, Dr. Salvarezza said. Besides, he highlighted that the information obtained from the Observatory will represent “a great step forward, a commitment to coordinating and articulating information to provide to organizations devoted to its implementation.”

The principal aim of the Observatory is the integration of basic information, constant analysis linked to the environment and contribution of the results for prevention and solutions from part of the authorities in charge of the environmental management.

For his part, the vice-chancellor the UNLP expressed the satisfaction of achieving “an old dream: to provide information for the researchers and at the same time, for public organizations that have the need to make decisions and do not have that data available.”
Eng. Silveira highlighted the step they are taking together with the University and the CONICET, with whom they have a broad agenda, something that has not happened years ago.”

The event was atended by Dra. Patricia Maccagno, Director of Agreements and Projects, and Dr. Jorge Tezón, manager of scientific and technological development, both from the CONICET.