The CONICET and the National Inter-University Council presented the Technological and Social Developments Projects

These projects were launched with the National Ministry of Science, Technology (MINCyT) and the Secretariat of the University Policies of the Ministry of Education (SPU).

Dr. Roberto Salvarezza, president of the CONICET, Dr. Alejandro Ceccatto of the MINCyT; Eng. Jorge Fabián Calzoni, president of the CIN, and Eng. Aldo Caballero, SPU secretary. Photos: CONICET Photography.

At the main hall of the CIN, Dr. Roberto Salvarezza, president of the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET), launched the Proyectos de Desarrollo Tecnológico y Social (PDTS) [Technological and Social Developments Projects], an initiative by the National Inter-University Council (CIN in Spanish) that aims to deal with the problems of the community and the sustainable development of the country by generating and applying knowledge to provide solutions.

Apart from the president of the CONICET, the event was attended by Dr. Alejandro Ceccatto, secretary of Scientific and Technological Coordination of the MINCyT; Eng. Jorge Fabián Calzoni, president of the CIN; and Eng. Aldo Caballlero, secretary of the SPU.

At the meeting, the organizers announced that 457 PDTS were submitted, and from that number, 200 were approved and finally 105 will be funded by a total amount of 21 millions of Argentine pesos provided by the CONICET, the CIN, the MINCyT and the SPU.
“I celebrate for the opportunity of being part of this initiative that has very important components, such as the PDTS. We believe it helps us to focus research, which is one of the points that demand more attention from our scientific community”, Dr. Salvarezza commented.

“Besides, from the Council, we are providing a post-doctoral scholarship for the projects, a significant contribution, and the call will be conducted soon”, the president of the CONICET said.

For his part, the secretary of University Policies of the Ministry of Education, Aldo Caballero, commented: “The fact that this programme, which is also a way of planning and organizing science and a country, covers the social aspect is a symbol of remarkable transformation. Furthermore, to have the contribution of resources from different organizations shows a State that is present.”

“I congratulate the CIN on the initiative and the CONICET for accepting the project. The results are visible. The PDTS are the beginning of a cultural change within the Argentine scientific and technological system, so now we are going to face a significant challenge proudly”, Dr Ceccatto concluded.