Technology Transfer

Dissemination of new knowledge

CONICET works very hard with the objective of providing effective answers to the needs of the country.  In order to fulfil that purpose, one of the best tools is its Technology Transfer. The main objective is to provide relevant scientific contributions to society and the production sector. By doing so, this agency aims to help enhance the quality of life of all people.

With the objective of supporting innovations and value generation, CONICET is in charge of the following activities:

  • Monitoring and analysis of technologic and scientific supply and its demand.
  • Management of scientific and technologic transfer together with its demand.
  • Administration of legal framework for transfer processes.
  • Expert advice concerning intellectual property.
  • Dissemination of scientific programmes in small and medium size companies.

These activities are generated by public and private sector agreements for:  technical assistance, research and development, confidentiality and technologic transfer. Furthermore, from research programmes and fellowship programmes in enterprises, this agency also provides consultancy services for institution and patent management.

Technology developed at CONICET includes solutions for areas as human health, pharmaceutical and biotech, food industry, animal and plant production and health, nanoscience, nanomaterials, materials science and industrial technologies, clean energy, biofuels, industrial equipment, communications and software.

The Technology Transfer Management serves as liaison between CONICET research and development programs and the needs and demands of the different private or public organizations.

Considering the growth of this country and future scenarios, CONICET works for the development of opening strategies and linkages with all different civil society.