Oriented Networks (RIOSP)

The Institutional Networks oriented to Problem Solution (RIOSP) comprise research groups associations that belong to Science and Technology and public or/and private institutions. These networks deal with complex and significant problems for the development of the social and productive medium and environment as well as risky situations or threats.

After the definition of an area of concern proposed by the requesting institutions, a multidisciplinary group will be formed to carry out a project over the medium or long term to address the problem from the original design of the initiative. This type of research involves the need to make constant modifications along the development of the work plan. The beneficiaries, in this case, become partners and evaluators of the R+D product in progress.

This does not imply research work; it involves the use the knowledge available. Some of the products expected are: diagnosis and technical reports for public and private decision makers; support and advice in regulations writing, program and projects; identification of vacancy areas in research and/or the training of human resources necessary to solve long term problems; the detection of technical needs of the public and/or private sector at a general level which can then be channeled by other instruments for technology transfer.

This new way of knowledge production aims at overcoming the linear research model providing innovative, original and adaptive solutions with inter or trans disciplinary characteristics.


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