GONZALEZ sofia Laura
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Ecosystem services values of the northwestern Patagonian natural grasslands
Ecosystem Services in Patagonia
Año: 2021; p. 139 - 154
Achieving sustainable development is an urgent challenge for nations that not only must ensure the maintenance of the productivity of natural resources but also must know the environmental, economic, and social costs that their exploitation entails. The scarce knowledge and inadequate policies have diminished the capacity of ecosystems to sustain productivity and benefits that they provide, putting at serious risk the life quality of the human beings that inhabit them. The scientific advance and the population awareness have made the use of northwestern Patagonian natural grasslands for agricultural, forest exotic plantations, livestock, mining, and real estate more problematic without evaluating the effects, often irreversible that accompany them. We are aware of the debate around the term ecosystem services, which we believe helps to make visible the complex environmental problems and should always take into account human needs. This chapter refers to the main services provided by the northwestern Patagonia natural grasslands to discuss some of their ecological, economic, and social dimensions. Based on our knowledge of 30 years of this ecosystem, we want to contribute with elements for future generations who will be heirs of this land and its benefits, elements that, at the same time, are of interest to those responsible for planning the territory.