HEGEL Pablo Ezequiel
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Phase Equilibria for Fractionation of Mono, Di and Triacetin
Conferencia; 5th European Meeting on Supercritical Fluids; 2016; 2016
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The world production of biodiesel has greatly increased the availability of glycerol as a cheap raw material for the synthesis of a variety of chemicals. Among many other products, the glycerol acetates (mono, di and triacetin) have application as fuel additives, solvents or rawmaterials for other chemical products. Experimental studies of synthesis and fractionation of these components using liquid and supercritical CO2 have been carried out recently, in a lab scale (1,2). On the other hand, phase equilibria modeling and high pressure experimental datafor triacetin+CO2 have been studied by Hegel et al (3). Also, Soto et al. (4) measured phase equilibria of the supercritical transesterification reaction products: mono and diacylglycerides and fatty esters with CO2 . In both studies the high pressure phase equilibria modeling wasmade with the Group Contribution with Association equation of state (GCA-EOS). The synthesis of glycerol acetates and their fractionation with liquid and supercritical CO2 calls for phase equilibrium experimental data of binary and multicomponent mixtures to validate and/or tune the GCA-EoS predictions to different phase scenarios. The model is highly needed for the rigorous simulation and optimization of both, the reaction media andfractionation units. Moreover, with this tool we perform a phase equilibrium engineering analysis to identify promising operating conditions to carry out the reaction and fractionation processes.(1) M. Rezayat, H. Ghaziaskar, Continuous synthesis of glycerol acetates in supercriticalcarbon dioxide using Amberlyst 15, Green Chem., 2009, 11, 710-715.(2) M. Rezayat, H. Ghaziaskar, Continuos extraction of glycerol acetates from their mixtureusing supercritical carbon dioxide, J.of Supercritical Fluids, 2011, 55, 937-943.(3) P. Hegel, G. Mabe, M. Zabaly, S.Pereda, E.A.Brignole, Liquid-liquid-supercritical fluidequilibria for systems containing carbon dioxide, propane and triglycerides, J.Chem.Eng.Data2009, 54, 2085-2089.(4) G. Soto, P. Hegel, S. Pereda, Supercritical production and fractionation of fatty esters andacylglycerols, J. of Supercritical Fluids 2014, 93, 74-81.