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Cloning of glycoprotein hormone alfa subunit in pejerrey Odontesthes bonariensis. expression profile of Gonadotropin subunits and relationship with GnRHs expression and plasma sex steroid
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Jornada; VIII Jornadas Multidisciplinarias de la Sociedad Argentina de Biología.; 2006
Institución organizadora:
Sociedad Argentina de Biología.
In the present work the cDNA encoding pejerrey glycoprotein hormone alfa subunit (pjGPH-á) was cloned and characterized. Also, pituitary expression of pejerrey gonadotropin subunits (pjFSH-â, pjLH-â and pjGPH-á) was analyzed by real time PCR and compared to brain expression of endogenous GnRHs (sGnRH, pjGnRH and cGnRH-II) and plasma sex steroid levels in adult pejerrey males. The nucleotide sequence of pjGPH-á consisted of 677 bp containing an open reading frame of 366 bp. The signal and the mature peptide were estimated to have 23 and 98 aa respectively, and as in other teleost species. This protein has 10 cysteine residues and 2 potential N-glycosilation sites at Asn 55 and Asn 80. The aminoacid sequence of pjGPH-á mature peptide was compared with other teleost fishes GPH-á sequences showing the highest homology (80.5%) with a perciform fishes. Expression results showed that maturing males had high levels of pjFSH-â and pjGPH-á subunits, and intermediate levels of pjLH-â when compared with running ripe and spent stages. These animals had the lowest plasma T and 11-KT values as well as low expression of sGnRH, pjGnRH and cGnRH-II. Running ripe males had the lowest expression of pjFSH-â and the highest expression of pjLH-â and pjGPH-á subunits, and of the three GnRHs genes. At this stage, it was observed the highest values of T and 11-KT. Spent males showed low expression of the three GtHs subunits, sGnRH, pjGnRH, and low levels of T. At this stage, 11-KT levels and cGnRH-II expression showed a tendency to decrease but the values were not statistically significant to running ripe stage. The present results would suggest that T and 11-KT modulate the expression of the pjFSH subunits. The expression of the anterior brain GnRH variants, sGnRH and pjGnRH is correlated with pjLH-â expression and reinforce the importance of the forebrain GnRH variants on the regulation of pituitary function.