KREIMER pablo Rafael
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"Citizen of the world" or a local producer of useful knowledge? That?s the question
Academic dependency and professionalization in the south: perspectives from the periphery
Año: 2015; p. 200 - 257
This paper aims to approach the emerging trend, called the "new international division of scientific work" (Kreimer 2006, Kreimer & Meyer 2008). This process often takes the form of "subcontracting agreements", which in one sense is analogous to?and at the same time different from?the delocalization of certain industrial activities. This new dynamic of the international division of scientific work into large networks is certainly not the only one we can observe. Traditional relations continue to be developed, as do more complex modalities. However, we may look on this emerging dynamic as eloquently marking and prefiguring the tensions we will see unfold in various scientific fields in the years to come.To do so, I will summarize in the first part -very schematically- the features of the new emerging context for Argentinean -and, to some extent, Latin American- science, narrowly related to international relationships. In the second part, I present 3 illustrative cases that show the dynamics observed within the international division of scientific work.