KOCHEN Sara Silvia
congresos y reuniones científicas
Setting Health priority research in Argentine:MEC
El Cairo
Otro; Forum 10; 2006
Abstract The objeetive was to validate and adapt the Combined Approaeh MatTÍx (CAM) recommended by the Global Forum for Health Researeh. Following the Global Forum methodology, we have used the CAM as a tool to set researeh priorities. The CAM aims at (i) helping to classify, organize and present the large body of information that enters into the priority setting proeess; (ií) identifying gaps in health researeh; and (íií) ídentifyíng health researeh priorities. Based on a situatÍonal health analysis, we identífied are as and for eaeh area seleeted díseases, risk factors and problems like maternal morbidíty and mortality to fill the CAM. The CAM was diseussed on workshops. These activitíes were held during 2006 at OlavarrÍa Cíty loeated in Buenos Aires province. A total of 250 particípants have actívely partieipated. During the workshops, the experts described the CAt\,1's questions, the partieipants were surveyed, and small group discussions were held about the CAM and Íts adaptation and validatÍon proeess that was beíng developed so as to obtain a tool for faeilitating priority setting. Even though in OUT first workshop it was not clear how to develop the matTÍx and how ít eould serve as a researeh priority setting tool, the ongoing proeess eonsisting in six month work and leaming and three workshops eulrninated in fOUT matTÍxes: tuberculosis, tobaeeo addietÍon, diabetes and maternal morbidity-mortality. The results of the study will be used to mobilíze national actÍon to improve health researeh prioritíes at different levels. Introduction Researeh, as many other activitíes laeking resources to achieve all their possible objectives, requires priority setting. The laek of methodologies and, often, of transparency in the priority 1) Epidemiology Research Institute, National Academy of Medicine, Buenos Aires; 2) National Ministry of Health; 3) The National Council of Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET); 4) Center of Estate and Society Studies (CEDES); 5) Forum for Health Research in Argentina (FISA); Gino Germani Institute, Buenos Aires. The Maca Working Group: Andrés Kaczorkiewicz, Mariana Romero, Edgardo Ábalos, Alejandro Capriati, Juan Pedro Alonso, Jimena Mantilla, Gabriela Guimarey, cecilia Tamburrino y Josefina Brown, Daniel Maceira, Raúl Pitarque, Abraam Sonis, 2