AIGO juana Del Carmen
congresos y reuniones científicas
Sustainability and the slipperiness of introduced salmonids in Patagonian watersheds
Simposio; Conferencias POLLEN 2018, Ecología Política, Economía Verde y Alternativas Sustentables; 2018
Institución organizadora:
POLLEN Biennial Conference 2018. Political Ecology Network. Oslo, Noruega
We claim that this brief outline illustrates several problems with the concept of sustainability as most often encountered in the literature and as it is implemented in programs throughout the global south. First, issues of sustainability as others on this panel argue, grow out of a particular western rationality, which seems to have problems encompassing the ecological, economical, and cultural aspects of a sustainable management of the alien salmonids. The question sustainable for whom, as Paige West prompted us to ask in her opening keynote. Second, the field is severely fragmented and efforts to include IKS (indigenous knowledge systems), is as likely to increase, as to solve conflicts, since there is no unitary ?Mapuche ? fish? relation. Third, the fact that Mapuche cosmology is dynamic and adaptive easily opens up for pragmatic interventions by the powerful commercial interests. Finally, there is an underlying interest in decolonial theory that guides this panel, so I will end with a question I have stared to ponder: Can we envision a decolonial biology, which can somehow help us detangle this conundrum of painful colonial legacies that cannot be undone?