HOLIK Federico Hernan
congresos y reuniones científicas
Logical and Geometrical aspects of Quantum correlations
Seminario; Seminari ciclo "Summer of Logic"; 2015
Institución organizadora:
Università degli studi di Cagliari
Thenon-abelian character of the logic of quantum theory gives rise to avariety of new possibilities regarding correlations between differentsystems. In particular, Schr√∂dingerstated that ?entanglement is the characteristic trait ofquantum mechanics?. Many years afterwards, entanglement is asubject of immense attention, mainly because of its foundationalsignificance, but also for being a powerful resource for quantuminformation processing that offers a host of possible technologicalapplications. Non-commutativity is also responsible for theperturbation of the joint state when measuring over one of its parts.This can be quantified by using a quantity known as quantum discord, which isbased in the difference between the pre and post-measurement mutualinformations after a local measurement.The study of the geometric properties of the set of quantum correlations is ofparamount importance. In order to characterize it, many mathematicalstrategies have been followed that range from the application ofalgebraic tools to group theory, algebra, differential geometry, convexgeometry, numerical simulations, etc. The discovery of newmathematical structures underlying the theoretical description ofquantum correlations has provided insightful answers to the problemsof its characterization, manipulation, and quantification. In thistalk we give an overview of these topics and pose some openquestions.