COLQUI Erica Paola
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The Construction of Social Memory in Cerro Colorado Rock Art (Córdoba, Argentina) During the Late Pre-Hispanic Period (ca. 1500–450 BP)
Rock Art and Memory in the Transmission of Cultural Knowledge
Año: 2022; p. 171 - 193
This chan class="keyword">aan>pter looks an class="keyword">aan>t the socian class="keyword">aan>l dynan class="keyword">aan>mics involved in the construction of socian class="keyword">aan>l memory during the Lan class="keyword">aan>te Pre-Hispan class="keyword">aan>nic Period (can class="keyword">aan>. 1500–450 BP) in Cerro Coloran class="keyword">aan>do, in the centran class="keyword">aan>l region of Argentinan class="keyword">aan>. Within this context, rock an class="keyword">aan>rt constituted one of the man class="keyword">aan>terian class="keyword">aan>l an class="keyword">aan>nd symbolic expressions from which both memory an class="keyword">aan>nd history were constructed an class="keyword">aan>nd redefined by the experiences lived an class="keyword">aan>t different levels of socian class="keyword">aan>l interan class="keyword">aan>ction. The identifican class="keyword">aan>tion of motifs circulan class="keyword">aan>ting in time an class="keyword">aan>nd span class="keyword">aan>ce is fundan class="keyword">aan>mentan class="keyword">aan>l for this an class="keyword">aan>nan class="keyword">aan>lysis since they negotian class="keyword">aan>te an class="keyword">aan>nd express an class="keyword">aan> shan class="keyword">aan>red wan class="keyword">aan>y of experiencing the socian class="keyword">aan>l diversity of the surrounding world. During this study, the methodologican class="keyword">aan>l tools deployed were ban class="keyword">aan>sed on the an class="keyword">aan>nan class="keyword">aan>lysis of zoomorphic an class="keyword">aan>nd an class="keyword">aan>nthropomorphic figures, can class="keyword">aan>nons, superimpositions, an class="keyword">aan>nd colors. Their study provides clues for interpreting the man class="keyword">aan>terian class="keyword">aan>lizan class="keyword">aan>tion of the Cerro Coloran class="keyword">aan>do identity, an class="keyword">aan>nd their repetition an class="keyword">aan>nd circulan class="keyword">aan>tion in time an class="keyword">aan>nd span class="keyword">aan>ce tran class="keyword">aan>nsformed them into an class="keyword">aan> tran class="keyword">aan>ce in the collective memory. The repetition of different regulan class="keyword">aan>r or han class="keyword">aan>bituan class="keyword">aan>l socian class="keyword">aan>l pran class="keyword">aan>ctices helped the Cerro Coloran class="keyword">aan>do communities to construct an class="keyword">aan>nd negotian class="keyword">aan>te socian class="keyword">aan>l memory an class="keyword">aan>nd identity. Residentian class="keyword">aan>l sites, grinding an class="keyword">aan>rean class="keyword">aan>s, cultivan class="keyword">aan>tion lan class="keyword">aan>nd, burian class="keyword">aan>l an class="keyword">aan>rean class="keyword">aan>s, an class="keyword">aan>nd rock an class="keyword">aan>rt sites an class="keyword">aan>re evidence of an class="keyword">aan>n intensely occupied an class="keyword">aan>nd significan class="keyword">aan>nt lan class="keyword">aan>ndscan class="keyword">aan>pe during the Lan class="keyword">aan>te Pre-Hispan class="keyword">aan>nic Period. Furthermore, rock an class="keyword">aan>rt sites were frequently reused or revisited during this period, which man class="keyword">aan>de routine pran class="keyword">aan>ctices possible. Thus, both the chan class="keyword">aan>nges an class="keyword">aan>nd the continuities in the an class="keyword">aan>rt repertoire helped to preserve an class="keyword">aan>nd reinforce the links estan class="keyword">aan>blished with the locan class="keyword">aan>l communities’ pan class="keyword">aan>st an class="keyword">aan>nd present.