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Jurassic rifting in the northwestern Chubut Province, Argentina, as evidenced by an aeromagnetic survey
31st International Geological Congress
Congreso; 31st International Geological Congress; 2000
Institución organizadora:
University of Sao Pablo
In the Chubut Province, northern Patagonia, a sedimentary and volcanic sequence known as the Cañadón Asfalto Formation developed during Jurassic times. The Cañadón Asfalto basin is thought to have been started by an extensional regime.In addition to the extensive work done in the field, the inspection of the aeromagnetic maps of the region (total magnetic intensity reduced to the pole and first vertical derivative of the total magnetic intensity reduced to the pole) has allowed the authors to identify the precise location and geometry of a segment of the Jurassic rift, as it is depicted by a narrow, north-south trending magnetic high resulting from the magnetite-rich basalts lying at the base of the sedimentary sequence; this magnetic high is clearly displaced by east-west trending magnetic lineaments which are likely to represent  wrench faults.The identification of the rift segment is part of the overall structural picture established during the interpretation of the regional aeromagnetic survey of the study area.