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Nada do que foi será de novo? Right and left wing waves, their political and economic dynamics in Latin America
San Francisco
Congreso; Congress of the Latin American Studies Association (LASA); 2022
Institución organizadora:
Latin American Studies Association (LASA)
This roundtable discussion covers a range of topics pertaining to Latin American development, politics and economics in the context of ‘pink tides’ and ‘right turns’. At the centre of the analysis are the core dynamics of the political systems we intend to explore. On another level, this roundtable ai ms at analysing objectively and subjectively the economic and political strengths and weaknesses of the Pink Tide governments and how their errors and achievements are playing out or will play out in the second wave of Pink Tide governments. The perspectives of the roundtable represent a theoretical and methodological spectrum ranging from neo Weberian institutionalism associated with the work of O'Donnell, and comparative studies of democratization, to critical-world systems analysis, associated with Marxian historical materialism, typically found within the development studies and political economy disciplines. Although the presenters may draw more from one end of the spectrum than from the other, throughout their research careers, they have considered all of them in their intellectual reflections.