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Body mass index impact on treatment costs in people with type 2 diabetes in Latin America
Congreso; World Diabetes Congress; 2015
Institución organizadora:
Internationsl Diabetes Federation
Aim: Toestimate the impact of overweight/obesity on the cost of treatment ofhyperglycemia, hypertension and dyslipidemia in people with T2DM in LatinAmerica. Method: Observationalstudy performed using data from the QUALIDIAB database that includes 3099people with T2DM from Diabetes Units from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru andVenezuela. The data was stratified according to BMI values as normal (18.5 to24.9), overweight (25 to 29.9) and obese (≥ 30). In each category, we recordedclinical and metabolic indicators and type of treatment. Treatment costs wereestimated using micro-costing methods and expressed in US-Dollars (August 2014).Descriptive data are presented as percentages and mean ± standard deviation(SD). Statistical analysis was done using parametric or nonparametric testsaccording to data distribution profile, and χ2 test was used forproportions. P-values ≤ 0.05 were considered statistically significant.Multiple regression analysis was used to evaluate association between monthlycost of treatment and BMI.Results: Comparablevalues were recorded in all groups for all clinical and metabolic parametersmeasured. Total treatment cost of hyperglycemia and associated cardiovascularrisk factors increased significantly (p< 0.001) as a function of BMI. Whilehyperglycemia treatment showed a significant increase according to BMI, the onecorresponding to hypertension and dyslipidemia showed no significant changes. Monthly treatment cost per capita Normal weight Overweight Obesity Treatment Mean±SD n Mean±SD n Mean±SD n Hyperglycemia $61.3±55.3 410 $69.0±57.7* 1134 $83.7±75.5*? 1464 Hypertension $40.1±30.8 203 $43.0±33.3 653 $44.0±37.3 950 Dyslipidemia $74.8±40.2 218 $75.7±46.1 574 $74.3±44.9 792 Total cost (overall) $113.9±83.6 435 $127.9±89.9* 1172 $149.7±108.2*? 1492 *Significant compared with Normal weight; ? Significant compared to Overweight. Although with different absolute values andpercentage of increase, the BMI-related growing cost profile was reproduced inevery participating country. Regression analysis showed that BMI, age andgender significantly affected total treatment costs. Discussion: Our data show for the first time the positiveand significant impact of BMI on the total treatment cost of T2DM and itsassociated cardiovascular risk factors. Such increase was mainly driven byhyperglycemia treatment.