BERNAT Maria Sofia
congresos y reuniones científicas
Why does Community Participation Arouse our Interest? An Approach to the Organizational Modes Developed by Ringuelet Settlement Neighbors during their Relocation
Conferencia; Peripheralization of the Poor: Symbolic Practices and Policy Analysis; 2017
This first version of our essay  is part of the doctoral dissertation Socio-urban transformations and everyday life: relocation of Ringuelet settlement (2013-2017). Inhabiting (after) the flood?. Its aim is to analyze -from a qualitative and ethnographic perspective- a relocation process (in a settlement located in Ringuelet, La Plata, Argentina) to thoroughly understand the modes in which socio-urban transformations can modify structures of meanings and, thus, produce shared meanings as well as stressed meanings, as far as modes of inhabiting the territory are concerned. The neighborhood chosen is located on the banks of the El Gato stream and, after the flooding disaster which stroke the city of La Plata on April 2nd 2013, a relocation project began to take shape  as it was deemed necessary to implement major hydraulic works at said site location so as to prevent another similar catastrophe from happening again.