ZYLBERMAN Lior Alejandro
congresos y reuniones científicas
Aportes de Alfred Schutz a los estudios sobre memoria
Buenos Aires
Conferencia; II Conference of The International Alfred Schutz Circle for Phenomenology and Interpretive Social Science; 2014
Institución organizadora:
The International Alfred Schutz Circle for Phenomenology and Interpretive Social Science
In recent decades has emerged a new field of study called 'Memory Studies' characterized by its interdisciplinary, being Maurice Halbwachs his more fundamental author. However, while Halbwachs took fundamental concepts of Emile Durkheim and Henri Bergson, another thinkers like Edmund Husserl, George H. Mead and William James were simultaneously theorizing about memory and time; despite the novelty of their approach, they don?t had a significant impact at the French Academy of that time. Thus, the ideas of these authors have been marginalized in the discussions about memory. Simultaneously, these three philosophers deeply influenced the work of Alfred Schutz, a thinker who meditated, among other issues, on social relations in time. With the objective to insert the work of Alfred Schutz in the discussions of the Memory Studies, this paper aims to present a theoretical perspective where his work will occupy a central place. From the study of the relationship between image, memory and imagination, Schutz?s writings will be used to connect phenomenology and pragmatism with the psychology of memory and the neuroscience with the objective to consolidate a multidisciplinary approach to the study of social relations with the past.