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Action Plan
Mar del Plata
Conferencia; First Argentina - United States Ocean Sciences Meeting; 2016
Institución organizadora:
MINCyT / INIDEP / US Dept of State / NOAA
Scientists and technical staff from the United States and Argentina, together with science policy makers and program managers, met in the city of Mar del Plata, Argentina, in August 2016 to coordinate an action plan to study and monitor the South Atlantic Ocean. Key issues discussed included ocean dynamics, climate, ecosystems, biodiversity, chemistry, and marine biology.The long-standing tradition of collaboration between the two nations provides a suitable framework to achieve the continuity of ongoing projects and the planning of new scientific proposals. Research areas of common interest to both countries include the study of ocean and atmospheric variables in the South Atlantic, as well as climate change at regional and global levels and its impact on ecosystems, biodiversity, and fisheries.Recommendations included in this report provide for the continuity of existing research and are geared towards the implementation of new studies. Interdisciplinary and multi-institutional aspects of the recommended actions propose the implementation of new ocean and atmospheric observations, the development of numerical models, and studies contributing to the improvement of weather forecasts, climate variations, and their relationship to fisheries and ecosystems. These are essential tools that ensure the sustainability of biological resources and their management for the benefit of society. To achieve these goals within a framework of high-level scientific collaboration, the support of leaders from institutions in both countries and the exploration of additional mechanisms of funding are needed.