SEGURA Luciano Noel
congresos y reuniones científicas
New avian hosts for Taphropiestes spp. (Coleoptera: Cavognathidae) and the first report of dermatitis causing the death of nestlings
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Congreso; VII North American Ornithological Conference; 2020
Among bird parasites, there is a poorly known group of beetles, Taphropiestes spp. (Coleoptera: Cavognathidae) that inhabits birds? nests. There is scarce information about their life cycle and whether they have direct interaction with their hosts. As part of a breeding biology study conducted in a forest in northeastern Buenos Aires Province, Argentina, we systematically searched and monitored nests of five species, (Pyrocephalus rubinus, Polioptila dumicola, Pipraeidea bonariensis, Satrapa icterophrys, and Elaenia parvirostris), and not systematically of other passerine species that nest in the same forests. We found 13 out of 700 nests with signs of Taphropiestes: six of P. rubinus, one of P. dumicola, three of S. icterophrys, one of Mimus saturninus, one of Tyrannus savana and one of Paroaria coronata. In all the cases we observed dermatitis, which consisted of lacerations and crusts, on the belly and chest regions, areas in direct contact with the base of the nest. In one nest of P. rubinus we registered the death of one of the two nestlings present as a result of the multiple wounds produced by the larvae, and in one nest of P. dumicola we registered the death of the only nestling in the nest, which lead to nest failure. This study provides for the first time detailed data of dermatitis caused by Taphropiestes spp. larvae in several species and its lethal effect on birds? nestlings, broadening the information available on the impact this parasite has on itshosts.