DE ORTUZAR Maria Graciela
Justicia social y derecho a la salud de migrantes latinoamericanos en una Argentina con legados neoconservadores / Social Justice and the Right to Health of Latin American Migrants in Argentina under Neoconservative Legacies
Resistances. Journal of the Philosophy of History
CICSHAL-RELIGACIÓN. Centro de Investigación en Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades de América Latina
Lugar: Quito; Año: 2020 vol. 1 p. 135 - 147
The right to migrate, as well as the right to health of migrants, are recognized in Migration Law No. 25871/ 2003 of Argentina. This law constitutes a legislative advance in human rights; the result of a long constituent, deliberative process that gave rise to this inclusive model of migration, international unprecedented. However, recently we witnessed a shift in migration policies (DNU 70/2017). As a result, there is a regression in social and political rights. With regard to the right to health care, the establishment of neoconservative policies (Universal Health Coverage) promoted provincial laws (Law 6119/2019) aimed at requiring health insurance payments for migrants, contrary to our Constitution. The purpose of the present paper is to analyze the roots of these changes in the aforementioned regulations on migration and health; applying a framework of social justice that allows us to understand, critically, how the bifurcation of distributive policies and recognition in the same legislations enabled the development of neoconservative policies imposed through authoritarian decrees; whose consequences are not confined exclusively to the sphere of migrants, endangering the Argentine health system as a public good.