VEZUB Julio Esteban
capítulos de libros
Mapuche-Tehuelche Spanish Writing and the Argentinian-Chilean Expansion During the 19th Century
Written Culture in a Colonial Context. Africa and the Americas, 1500-1900
University Cape Town Press
Lugar: Cape Town, South Africa; Año: 2011; p. 207 - 231
Nota, este libro y este capítulo tuvieron una segunda edición en otra editorial: DELMAS, Adrien and Nigel PENN (eds.), Written Culture in a Colonial Context. Africa and the Americas 1500-1900, Leiden-Boston, Brill, 2012. Abstract: From the correspondence corpus of José María Bulnes Llanquitruz and Valentín Saygüeque, two great northern-patagonian chiefs of the 19th century, we are concentrating on the relationships between Spanish writing and reading that was practiced in the rukas and Mapuche-Tehuelche toldos. These include acknowledging other significant types of engravings and markings acknowledged, such as historical lineages stamped on textiles, silver jewellery and rock paintings. Also we are going to work with the translation of ritualistic parliamentary proceedings to documents, and the techniques of supervising and controlling the writers. Special interest will be given to the conception of writing with blood which shows a physical significance to the writing, looking at the written text including Mapuche and Tehuelche words, and the failed Spanish linguistics, which were symptoms of the ambivalence that power relationships felt in the colonial and republican environments.