PERILLO Gerardo Miguel E.
congresos y reuniones científicas
Beach heat balance in the Claromecó Estuary, Argentina.
Congreso; Global Change Open Science Conference, Challenges of a Changing Earth,; 2001
Institución organizadora:
Th eth e rma l variati on o f th e sed iments and th e ene rgy bal an ce compone nts a recomputed fl ~ r a sandy beach in the Clar omcco estuary locat ed in the so u th (I east o fth e Bue nos Aires provi nce Arg l'n tincl. The s tudy ( o ve rs a se ven d a ys pefll )t.! inMarch IYY9, Soil, air a nd wa te r tem pe rat u res we re measured con tin uo us lyemployi ng thermi stors a t di ffer e nt he ig ht s an d dep th , Ana ir sen sor was installed ina shady, veru iled locat ion 1.9 m above th e sa nd , Soi l temper at u re sens o rs we rebu ried at three lew is be low the se d ime n t su rface a t a depth o f 0 .05111. 0.15m a nd0.30 m. Th e water sensor was locat ed 0.50m d epth in thc wat cr co lu mn. Themeasurement lime int er va l was 10 min u tes . Meteorologicdl observa tion we re a lsoob tained from a me teoro log ica l s ta tio n located in the s tudya rea . Rad ia tio n wasmeasured w ith <l p yr anornet cr . The t i d t,;' ~ we re ob t.1int:<J from a tid e ~ d ll g l' , th emeasuring d eptl: s and hei };,hts weresele cted to p rovi d e d et a iled info rmat ion o f th etemper atu re varia tio ns wi thi n a nd over lh e t idal flat , and ,11l .llyLe the in flue nce o ffloodiuga nd e xpositio n o f the Oat s to th e aunosphe re. The tim e se ries of th ethe rmistors at the diffe ren t levels showed a comp lex wave p roduced by the tid ."inundation in fluence . Ncar s u rface so il tcm pe r.u ur cs u p to O.05ma nd O.15m d ep thten d ed to fluctuate in res po nse to sho rt te rm c hiln~c s in ambient a tmos ph eri ccond i l j ~ms and th e e ~ fec t o f tid al inu.nd at iun . Steep vertica l gr .1J ien b were fo und inthl' sed imen ts, es pecia lly a ro un d midda y when the s.uid was l·xposl.',d to th eso la rrad ia rion, a t 0.3Um depth the di u rn.r! tcrnpcrature va ria tion was 1.5 ## C . TheSill.1J l h cr~ ll i,::it or ist cr eJ cha nges in th e th t'ro Mlly more act ive upper laYl:rs .of theso d. In thi s in ter tida l zo ne th e mean urn e l" hlH.'twecn the thermal wa ves wit hin theSlHI was 2hs 2llm inu tes at 15cll1 of d ep th . Th e ca lcu la ted mean value o f th er mald iffusi vity wa x 10-6 m2. the Ihe rmal co nductiv ity WdS 1.83 W m- l K-I . The. bul k aerody namica lly Iorrn ulas were llsed in th e cdlc u la tiol1of the tu rb u len t fluxes.TIll' san d dux w.w t.' Icad s th e s urfacl.' tl'm pe rlltu re w ave by 4h o u rs , the max imu n.1I1d minimun flu xe, occur at 15:30 ., nd 2:1:30. re,pL'c liv e/y. th l' i:fOund heal flu xa \'e r a~ L'd i, 8J W m-2 . The Idlen th ea l flu x is 2 12 W m-2 . The ml'.ln ncl rad iati u nwi lh 1-15W m·2 .Thl.' net raJ i,l tio n a nd lh e laten t hl'.ll flu x resulted the mo reimporldn t(Omp0l"wnt s o f th e bal ance . Th e compo nen ts of the l'nc rgy ba la l1ct' o f tlwC I.Html e(l) es lu.lfY show ,l gr l'iltl'r e nL'rgic triHls ft'r t'nn' (nUll the otrnu.sphe rl:' to Ihesl'd ill1l'n ls,lhe hcat Irc1 lls ft.'r betwt:en th l' soil u W..l t~ r .\n'.1 a ir W.b ~ i g lll (j("..I n t, M l J thesoi l hl'dt fllIx the sensible hl'a t flu x result the sl.'co nd i1 ryc omponl'n t of th e sol nJelll.'rgL'l il: b ,1Ji'l.Ih.."l' .1'.