MONDINI Nora Mariana
congresos y reuniones científicas
Human-carnivore interactions in the Andean Puna: analyzing the archaeological record of early hunter-gatherers from a taphonomic perspective
Congreso; World Archaeozoology Today: An International Symposium In Memoriam of Prof. Dr. Angela von den Driesch (1934-2012 ); 2012
This presentation reviews the overlap and inferred interactions of carnivores and humans according to the archaeological record of early hunter-gatherers in the Andean Puna of Argentina. This record spans basically the early and middle Holocene. Primary data come from Antofagasta de la Sierra, Catamarca, and these are compared to other Puna areas. The signal of carnivores in the archaeological record in the region is very subtle, suggesting very low levels of competition with humans, although other kinds of interactions should not be disregarded. Commensalism specifically is atype of interaction that should be considered, especially in later times. The picture is analyzed from a broader perspective that takes into account the main physical and biotic properties of southern South America.