MONDINI Nora Mariana
congresos y reuniones científicas
From bones to poo: multiple lines of evidence to understand past human-animal relationships in El Bolsón valley, Catamarca, Argentina
Congreso; The Future of Past Animals: Global Perspectives in Zooarchaeology.; 2022
In El Bolsón valley and surrounding areas, there is a Bimodal taphonomic pattern: bad conservation in open-air sites, including analytical absense of taxa, and good conservation in rockshelters. Accumulation is important in rockshelters, while destructionis in open air sites, due to mechanical (geological unstability) and diagenetic processes. Thus there is a need of thorough, multiproxy studies. Here we present the results of a multiproxy approach, including non-skeletal faunal evidence (like rock art and animal microfossils in agricultural fields) and skeletal and other lnies of evidence from rockshelters (including bones, teeth and plates; eggshell; faeces and pellets and their faunal contents; hair/fiber and feathers; arthropods and shells, and bone, feather and fiber artefacts).