The earth in flames and the world to come: Amerindian heterochronies in contemporary Latin American culture La terre en flammes et le monde à venir: hétérochronies amérindiennes dans la culture latino-américaine contemporaine La tierra en llamas y el mundo por venir: heterocronías amerindias en la cultura latinoamericana contemporánea
Cuadernos LIRICO
Universite Paris
Lugar: Paris; Año: 2022
The strength of Amerindian intellectuals like Ailton Krenak or Davi Kopenawa in Brazil, or that of artists like Sebastian Calfuqueo and writers like Jaime Luis Huenún or Leonel Lienlaf in Chile are just a few recent examples of an artistic and intellectual production with a great power of intervention in the heart of Latin American national cultures. At the very moment when these practices claim their inclusion within contemporary art, they work with a notion of survival of multiple ethical, political and aesthetic connotations that shock a whole concept of Latin American culture and national cultures for which the indigenous had been processed in a sustained way, as Johannes Fabian pointed out some time ago referring to non-Western societies, in a "denial of coevalness" (Fabian 2014), a denial of contemporaneity that now, in the face of these new onslaughts, shows itself radically transformed. How to think the whirlwind of time that these appearances bring to contemporary culture? How to think, better, a contemporary Latin American culture crossed by these survivals?