OLIVERI Maria Beatriz
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A single Dose of 100,000IU appears to be insufficient to achieve desirable levels of 25OHD in patients with hipovitaminosis D
Congreso; 30th Meeting American Society Bone Mineral Research; 2008
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Hypovitaminosis D is a major worldwide public problem. Correction of vitamin D is important for prevention of osteoporosis since bone loss and fractures have been linked with vitamin D deficiency.The aim of the study was to evaluate the response and safety to a unique vitamin D3 dose (100.000 IU) in patients with low 25OHD levels.Ninety three clinical records from patients who received this unique dose of vitamin D3 for hypovitaminosis D were reviewed. Inclusion criteria were: 25OHD levels below 32 ng/ml, 25OHD determinations at baseline and after 1 to 3 months of treatment, performed at the same laboratory, and normal serum calcium. Thirty eight out 90 had the inclusion/exclusion criteria defined, and all of them were women. We excluded 55 clinical records, 34 due to uncompleted data, 3 because the samples were made in different laboratories and 15 did not have 25OHD determinations after the first dose of vitamin D3.The mean age ± 1SD was 63.3 ± 9.6 years, 35 of them were postmenopausal and 3 premenopausal women. Laboratory tests were: serum calcium, phosphate, 25OHD, bone alkaline phosphatase, CTX, iPTH and urine 24hs calcium at baseline and post treatment.Subjects were divided in three groups according to baseline 25OHD: 0-10, 11-20 and 21-31 ng/ml. At baseline 2 patients (5.3%) had values between 0 to 10, 19 (50%) between 11 to 20 ng/ml and 17 (44.7%) between 21 to 31 ng/ml. The 25OHD levels post 1 to 3 months dose of vitamin D were: nobody had values under 10 ng/ml, 2 (5.3%) were between 11 to 20 ng/ml, 17 (44.7%) between 21 to 31 ng/ml and 19 (50%) had 25 OHD levels above 32 ng/ml.There were not cases of hypercalcemia or hypercalciuria after treatment.One or two new doses of vitamin D were prescribed in patients who did not reach optimal levels of vitamin D with the first treatment (this analysis was pending to complete all the data).Conclusion: A unique dose of 100.000 IU D3 was safe but insufficient since only 50% of patients reached the recommended 25OHD levels at the first 3 months of treatment. Additional doses have to be recommended to obtain normal levels in patients who continued with hypovitaminosis D.