Perspective and values


CONICET pursues excellence in scientific and technological research and promotes innovation and technology transfer so as to solve problems from a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach in coordination with the social and productive environment in a framework of regional integration and international cooperation. 


To share a work culture and have a common objective between actors and institutions capable of achieving the synergies to boost scientific and technological research, innovation processes, strategies, policies and management.
Fair distribution of rights, opportunities and material and non-material resources without distinction of  gender; and/or disciplinar distribution to reverse exclusionary behavior processes and institutional practices.
Ethics in scientific and technological research practice and management as well as service vocation, integrity, work commitment, respect for people, careful procedures, and consensual behavior and standards as well as accountability to society.
Quality and efficiency in the processes, products and results of scientific and technological research and management.
Innovation as the result of improvement search processes both in scientific and technological activity as well as management and successful introduction of a product or process in the market. Creativity and originality are inherent in innovation processes, exchanges of information and the flows of knowledge that are generated in multiple directions, with feedback in any part of this chain.
Recognition, acceptance and tolerance of different doctrines, theories, knowledge, positions and methods involved in analysis and decision.
Social and environmental responsibility
Social and environmental responsibility as a framework in pursuit of responding to social needs and contributing to sustainable development, favoring changes of conscience in the actors involved.
Exercise in the processes of evaluation of entry and promotion of careers, in the grating of scholarships, and in response to the right of access to public information.