CONICET scientist awarded by the Helmholtz Association in Germany

Gustavo Romero, senior researcher at the Council received a prize for his career in astrophysics.

Gustavo Romero. Photo: Guillermo E. Sierra.

Gustavo Romero was awarded by the Helmholtz Association in Germany for his career in astrophysics. The award is aimed at strengthening the cooperation between the German association centers and international research institutes and boosting even more the bonds between researchers at the Helmholtz and foreign colleagues.

As regards the prize, Romero stated: “This award is special because it recognizes my international career and it comes from the most prestigious academic institution. This prize is rarely given in the astrophysics area (and it is generally awarded to scientists in the USA, Europe or Japan). And as I began the theoretical studies on high energy astrophysics in the country, I’m glad to see the recognition from the first world to the science done in Argentina.”

Furthermore, the scientist added: “Although this prize is given to my career, this award will allow me to undertake for several months any study in a center in Germany (in my case it will be the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology). I think this prize given by the Helmholtz Association is a good measure to recognize the career of active researchers and provide them with the means to study a subject of his or her choice. This works as a stimulus to promote creativity and study more risky ideas without pressure. In my case, I will research into particle interactions and ways to produce X and gamma radiation in the space.”

Apart from being a CONICET researcher at the Instituto Argentino de Radioastronomía (IAR, CONICET – CICPBA), Romero is a professor at the Facultad de Ciencias Astronómicas y Geofísicas de la Universidad Nacional de la Plata (UNLP). His area of expertise is Astrophysics but he has made great contributions to scientific philosophy. He was awarded with: the Houssay Award in two opportunities, the prize of the Academia Nacional de Ciencias, the prize for Productivity of the UNLP, the Sersic of the Asociación Argentina de Astronomía, and several international awards.