CONICET researcher was appointed as honorary member by the Ecological Society of America

He was appointed for his contributions to the field of ecology.

Diego Vázquez CONICET principal researcher at the IADIZA. Photo: courtesy researcher

Diego Vázquez, CONICET principal researcher at the “Instituto Argentino de Investigaciones de las Zonas Áridas” (IADIZA, CONICET-UNCUYO-Gob. Mza.) was recognized as a 2020 honorary fellow of the Ecological Society of America (ESA), the world largest professional society of ecology.

The researcher is the only Latin American selected from a group of more than twenty professionals appointed by the ESA, which has chosen honorary members for their outstanding contributions to research, communication, education and management in ecology since 2012.

“I think that this type of appointment helps to promote the visibility of the institutions and groups in which we work and to show that we conduct relevant research with international impact in countries such as Argentina,” the scientist said.

Vázquez was chosen for his excellent research work linked to the understanding of the rules that govern the ecological interactions, the interaction networks between species, and the functioning and preservation of plant-animal mutualism.

The Ecological Society of America was founded in 1915. It has more than nine thousand members and it is world largest community of professional ecologists. Besides, it publishes five journals in which Vázquez is part of the editorial committee of two of them: Ecology and Ecological Monographs, a membership newsletter. He also shares ecology information through policies, dissemination in the media and educational projects.