CONICET and the Chief of Cabinet Office will grant fellowships for training abroad

Within the framework of the BEC.AR Programme, an agreement was signed to promote short term residence abroad to fellows type I and II.

Roberto Salvarezza, Lino Barañao and Juan Manuel Abal Medina during the signature

The president of the CONICET, Roberto Salvarezza, and the Argentina’s Chief Cabinet of Ministers, Juan Manuel Abal Medina, signed an agreement of cooperation to grant 80 annual fellowships for short term residences abroad. They will be addressed to Postgraduate CONICET fellows type I and II.

During the signature, attended by the Minster of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation, Lino Barañao, the president of the CONICET, explained that “with this programme PhD fellows are going to be nine months abroad completing their training in foreign laboratories, focusing on the strategic topics the country has defined”.

The Chief Cabinet of Ministers, Abal Medina, highlighted that the importance of this type of programmes lies in the training of human resources, “in the key issues that make our country a leader in the XXI century. The idea is to provide design, innovation, technological development and talent fostering economies based on human capital, productivity and efficiency on the lookout for innovation”.

The BEC.AR programme, Fellowships for Training Abroad in Science and Technology, of the Chief of Cabinet Office, will grant 80 annual fellowships to CONICET fellows during four years. This measure will provide professional training specialized in science and technology aiming to contribute to the productive growth of Argentina in strategic areas for the development of the country’s sustainable development.

This agreement will call for postgraduate CONICET fellows whose areas and main subjects are aligned with the National Plan for Science, Technology and Innovation: “Argentine Innovative 2020”, of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation.

One of the aspects highlighted by this agreement is that the fellows will have the benefits granted by BEC.AR during their stay abroad without losing their CONICET fellowship or stipend.

The signature of this agreement was carried out at the end of the “Regional Experiences of the Administration of Postgraduate Fellowships Abroad” Workshop, organized by the BEC.AR programme of the Chief of Cabinet and the International Development Bank (BID), where authorities of the Latin America fellowship programmes attended.