Boosting scientific projects

Bio.r, the “booster” of projects, is going to receive funding to promote innovative biotechnological projects and develop the entrepreneurial talent of researchers in Rosario.

Representatives of Bio.r, the first “booster” of projects of the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET). Photo: CONICET Rosario.

Bio.r is the first “booster” of projects launched by the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET). Its main objective is to support innovative entrepreneurships on Biotechnology.

As part of the call “Proyectos de Fortalecimiento Institucional para Incubadoras de Empresas” [Projects for Institutional Reinforcing of Business Incubator], the “Booster of Biotechnological Projects Bio.r” was selected to receive funding from the Production Ministry of Argentina, through the “Secretaría de Emprendedores y de la Pequeña y Mediana Empresa” (Sepyme) [Secretariat for Entrepreneurs and Small and Medium- Sized Enterprises.

Science and Production

From the beginning of 2016, the Production Ministry of Argentina presented through Sepyme several lines of funding, some of them coordinated with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation, and others of the Secretariat, which are aimed at boosting scientific and technological projects.

During 2016 Bio.r has become part of the Red Nacional de Incubadoras [National Network of Incubators], thus allowing it to receive training in terms of the administration of Incubators and Boosters, apply to the calls to receive funding, and be ready to work as a window of two lines of funding so that the entrepreneur can consolidate the project: Fondo Semilla and PAC Emprendedores.

Bio.r has recently been awarded in the call “Proyectos de Fortalecimiento Institucional para Incubadoras y Aceleradoras de empresas”, which was in charge of the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) of CONICET Rosario. There were 130 nominations in all the country. Bio.r was selected from 50 beneficiaries after the analysis of: feasibility; technical, economic and institutional sustainability; impact on the quality and quantity of services that are provided; link with the business system and the entrepreneur ecosystem, and other aspects.

“In order to introduce ourselves in these lines of research, we developed four central themes: strengthening of internal capacity, communication and dissemination, acquisition of equipment for laboratories and training of researchers and fellows”, Cintia Pin, OVT responsible explains.

“With this funding, we aim at working on the promotion of entrepreneur culture in the scientific and technological field, and in the training of researchers, fellows and students of Sciences of Life linked to biotechnological entrepreneurship ranging from economic and financial assessment of bio-projects, intellectual property protection and bio-business models, to regulation aspects, among other relevant themes”, Marina Calleia, TTO member, stated and added that this work is done considering the strategy of Technology Transfer with the productive sectors and CONICET society.

Biotechnology to boost

“At the TTO, we conduct active search between CONICET institutes in Rosario devoted to Biotechnology and we also take into consideration the demands of the private sector” Pin stated and affirmed that the interrelationship between both sectors is key to transfer knowledge from the laboratory to the market.

During 2007, all activities that have been planned are going to be conducted and defined the four theme core ideas of the Institutional Strenghtening Project, what will consolidate Bio.r as an strategic part to boost biotechnological entrepreneurship as core idea of the economic and social development of the region.