Ana María Franchi was appointed as president of CONICET

It was published yesterday in the Official Gazette. She is a senior researcher in the field of Biological Chemistry and leads the Network of Gender, Science and Technology.

Ana Franchi, president of CONICET. Photo: CONICET Photography

Dr Ana María Franchi was appointed as president of the Board of CONICET. It was published in the Official Gazette through the Decree Nº 58/2020.

Franchi is senior researcher of CONICET and director of the Centro de Estudios Farmacológicos y Botánicos (CEFYBO, CONICET-UBA). She has a PhD in Biological Chemistry of the Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales de la Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA). Her research subject is Reproductive Health focused on physiopathology of pregnancy and birth. She has published more than 160 articles in scientific journals with peer review. She directed twelve doctoral theses.

Besides, Franchi is the president of the ‘Argentine Network of Gender, Science and Technoloy’ (RAGCyT in Spanish) and focused on the situation of women in Science and Technology institutions. She is also a member of the group Argentine Science and Technology (CyTA).

In her presentation as president, Franchi said that in April she will have worked for 40 years in the organism and for her CONICET is her “home: several times when I went to work to the laboratory I didn’t say that I went to work, I said that I went home. I don’t have‘CONICET’s shirt on’, I have it tattooed. I want CONICET to be a nice place to live. We are a diversity of genders and we come form a diversity of disciplines and should not forget that everyone has to contribute to make a better country.”

Furthermore, the new president made a short diagnosis of the critical situation of the scientific sector: “We are coming back almost from underground. We should be all together to work so as to make science and technology a factor that improves the life of the people.” She committed herself to listen to all and try to find a solution for each problem presented to her.”