Alejandro Ceccatto is the new president of CONICET

The new secretaries and undersecretaries who will accompany Minister Barañao during his administration took up their posts.

Alejandro Ceccatto, president of the CONICET. Photo: CONICET Photography.

Newly appointed members of the Ministry of Science Technology and Productive Innovation, who will work with Minister Lino Baraño in his third administration, were sworn into office. The ceremony was held at the Polo Científico Tecnológico, where the secretary of Scientific and Technological Bonds, Agustín Campero; the Planning and Policies secretary, Miguel Ángel Blesa; and the executive coordinator of the Scientific and Technological Cabinet (GACTEC in Spanish), Alejandro Mentaberry were sworn in.

Furthermore, other members who took up their posts were: the secretary of Administrative coordination, Roberto Blasco; from the Secretariat of Scientific and Technological Bond, the undersecretary of Institutional Coordination, Sergio Matheos and the undersecretary of Institutional Assessment, Lucas Luchilo; the undersecretary of the Planning Secretariat Policies and Science, Technology and Productive Innovation Policies, Jorge Aguado; the general secretary of the Federal Council for Science and Technology (COFECYT in Spanish), Tomas Ameigeiras; and the president of the Board of the National Agency for Scientific and Technological Promotion, Facundo Lagunas.

After the oath, Dr. Barañao stressed teamwork and said: “We are beginning the third period of an administration that has been considered successful by all political parties and the main achievement has been to place science and technology as one of the bases for the development of the country.”

Other officials who participated in the Ceremony were the Deputy Chairwoman of Scientific Affairs of the CONICET, Mirtha Flawiá and the Deputy Chairman of Technological Affairs, Miguel Ángel Laborde.