The president of the CONICET signed a deed of assignment for the LLAMA Project’s land

The objective of this signature was to install the Operation Centre and the Logistical Support for this project, which will have a long range radio telescope in Puna Salteña.

Authorities during the signature. Photo: CONICET Photography.

At the Universidad Nacional de Salta (UNSa), Dr. Roberto Salvarezza, president of the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET), together with Roberto Dib Ashur, minister of Education, Science and Technology of the province of Salta; María Soledad Vicente, secretary of the same ministry; Nicolás Ramos Mejía, administrator of the Parque Industrial de San Antonio de los Cobres; Luis Parada, member of the CCT CONICET Salta and José Viramonto, member of the Scientific Council of the LLAMA project LLAMA (Large Latin American Millimiter Array) signed the deed of assignment of the 7.277 square meters for the LLAMA Project.

After the signature, Dr. Salvarezza said that “this event is “part of the federalization policy carried away by the Council. Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Santa Fe represent 80% of the human resources in terms of research. For this reason, one of our objectives is to finish this administration with more equitable numbers.”

Regarding that, Ashur commented that “CONICET’s decentralization policy is very important for us; our province and region are great beneficiaries of that. Thanks to this project, Salta plays a role in the international scientific world.”
The LLAMA project is part of an Argentine-Brasilian Binational agreement conducted by the CONICET, the Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de Sao Paulo (FAPESP) and the province of Salta.

Thanks to their privileged location, the LLAMA radio telescope will conduct in-depth studies to improve the quality, range and development of astronomical sciences, thus placing Salta as a place for reference worldly. The radio telescope will be placed in Alto de Chorrillos at a height of 4800 MSL, the highest point in route 51, near San Antonio de los Cobres.