CONICET and UBA signed a framework agreement on scientific and technological affairs

The aim is to continue the reciprocal complementation actions of the promotion and execution of research tasks.

Ceccatto and Barbieri during the signature of the framework agreement CONICET-UBA. Photo: CONICET Photograpy.

At the Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires, the president of the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET), Alejandro Ceccatto, and the rector of the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA), Alberto Barbieri, signed a framework agreement to continue the historical association and contribute to the knowledge development between both institutions.

For Ceccatto, this new agreement provides a “framework to have an efficient joint administration of the assets of the 44 UBA-CONICET research institutes. This will allow us to improve the planning of scientific activities so as to develop a consistent and coherent common policy.”

For his part, Barbieri commented “From the UBA, we are convinced that there is no university without science or knowledge development. As we in charge of a public organization, which is financed by the Argentine people, we also have to work with other organizations of the area. The aim is to make science, technology and innovation contribute to all the inhabitants of our country.”

The current Secretary of Articulación Científico Tecnológica of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation, Agustín Campero, was present and stated: “this agreement is important not only for Argentine science and technology but also for the Latin American system as it is about two important institutions on knowledge development.”

Currently, the Council and the UBA have 45 research institutes located at the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences (19), Engineering (3), Pharmacy and Biochemistry (7), Medicine (7), Agronomy (2), Phylosophy and Letters (2), Veterinary Sciences (1), and Economic Sciences (1), and Economic Sciences (1), and Hospital de Clínicas (1) and Hospital Lanari (1) of this Institute for Advanced Studies.

Those institutes house 926 fellows, 1105 members of the Scientific Researcher Career, 299 technicians and support staff, and 88 administrative personnel, a total of 2418 people. Furthermore, 1600 CONICET fellows and researchers work in different laboratories, departments and dependencies of the University.

The event was attended by the following CONICET representatives: the vice president of Technological Affairs, Miguel Laborde; the manager of Legal Affairs, Alan Temiño; the manager of Scientific and Technological Development, Jorge Tezon; and the director of Institutional Relations, Antonio Ambrosini. The signature was also attended by authorities of the UBA and directors of Implementation Units.