Carlos Argüelles was awarded by the Gravity Research Foundation

This prestigious Institution had also awarded Stephen Hawking and several Nobel Prize winners.

Argüelles along with Rueda and Ruffini. Photo: courtesy researcher.

CONICET researcher at the Institute of Astrophysics of La Plata (IALP, CONICET-UNLP), Carlos Argüelles, was awarded with one of the five annual awards on gravitation phenomenon by the Gravity Research Foundation (GRF). Since 1949, this leading American institution has given this award that to recognized scientists like physicist Stephen Hawking –who received it in 1971 for one lecture on black holes–  and several Nobel Prize winners in Physics like George Smoot, Gerard’t Hooft, Frank Wilczek and François Englert.

The study done by Argüelles in collaboration with three Italian colleagues (Andreas Krut, Jorge Rueda and Remo Ruffini, of ICRANet) ranked third. It included the main results of one article published in Physics of the Dark Universe, which was about supermassive black holes and dark matter in our galaxy, and the new developments that have been recently published.

Argüelles felt very proud for this prize: “The first five awards are given to studies that represent new possible lines of research on the area, that is to say that set trends, and in general involve the most prestigious entities of the world. I’m very proud to have CONICET and the National University of La Plata (UNLP) as the only Argentine institutions included in this award, even if we consider the additional 20 honorable mentions. This shows how important it is for the State to provide young researchers with more opportunities.”