Partner Units

An Associated Unit (UA) is an institution that due to its scientific and technological merit in the National System of Science and Technology has an agreement with the National Council. In fact, in our country, there is a great amount of institutions that develop scientific and technological studies that are part of the system for their actions.

The UA can be workplaces for researchers, support staff and scholars of CONICET but do not follow government regulations or receive economic support.

Characteristics of UA:

  • These institutions already have their own legal framework whether they are universities or a typical organization.
  • CONICET does not have economic obligation with these institutions but provides support because several researchers, support staff and scholars participate in them.
  • Therefore, it is interesting for the Council to link with these institutions as long as it means recognition to its strength. For this reason, it is vital to undertake academic assessment that endorses the scientific and technological level of the Unit that requests to be incorporated as an Associated Unit that
  • These institutions maintain individuality and independence from their respective technical and administrative structure and assume particularly their consequent responsibilities.
  • These agreements have to explicitly express CONICET’s non-financial commitment and, consequently, the internal organization of these institutions and the selection mechanisms of their heads are not subject of debate by CONICET.

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