Administrative structure

The Decree 310/2007 published on March 29th 2007 approved the administrative structure of CONICET.

Internal Audit Unit

Fernando Losada

Principal Internal Auditor

Marcelo Bongiorno

Associate Legal Auditor

Administration Management

Jorge Figari


Patricia Univaso

Control Unit Office

Carmen Uzal

Accounting Office

Vanina Marletto

Budget Office

Legal Affaires Management

Alan Temiño


Alejandra Aybar

Legal Service Office

Soledad Torralba

Summaries Office

Carolina Wisner

Legal and Technical Control Office

Scientific and Technological Development Management

Liliana Sacco


Patricia Maccagno

Agreements and Projects Office

Assesment and Planning Management

Cynthia Jeppesen


César Adrián Diego

Institutional Assesment and Planning Office

Martín Omar Bentura

Advisory Body Coordination Office

Marcela Blanc

General Coordination of Advisory Bodies

Human Resources Management

Alberto Arleo


Patricia Quintela

Human Resources Administration Office

María Sol Rodríguez

Human Resources Development Office

Costanza Rivero

Scholarships Coordination

Organization and Systems Management

Diego Asensio


Lorena Carlino

Engineering Processes Office

Juan Pablo Soto

User and Network Management Office

Diego Barrabino

IT Office

Technology Transfer Management

Sergio Romano


Dulce Zabalo Mamonde

Technology Management Office

Agustín Crivelli

Coordination of Technology Transfer Instruments Management


María Cecilia Rodríguez

Coordination of Health, Food and Biotechnology

Juan Pablo Scolarici

Coordinator of Technologies for Inclusive Sustainable Development

Romina Cuello

Engineering, Environment and Energy Coordinator

Institutional Relations Office

Alejandro Dabrowski