The members of the Support Staff for Research and Development Career (CPA) are trained people who provide advice and technical assistance to research groups and collaborate with research and development programs. They work under the monitoring of CONICET researchers.

The professionals who are part of this career plan, do, and implement support technical work, leading technical groups that fulfill the needs of one or several projects. Some of members of this career are in charge of high complexity services and equipment. They can work in laboratories, experimentation fields, research institute documentation, and systems and communication management.

The technicians implement and conduct studies and technical experiments under the monitoring of researchers and professionals. They provide assistance at all levels such as in tests, measurements, and maintenance of equipment and laboratory. Besides, they give support in services and communication, among other tasks.

Their performance is any of their activities previously mentioned are annually evaluated and reported.

The members of the Support Staff Career can be promoted according to the level of specialization achieved.

To advance from one Class to another is possible but is not considered an obligation.