Administrative Staff

CONICET’s administrative personnel work in different places. Most employees work at the central office whereas the rest of them do it at: Scientific and Technological Centers (CCT), Territorial Administration Units (UAT), Administrative Coordination Offices (OCA) and Implementation Units (UE) in all the country.

The main objective is to lead, coordinate and provide support to scientific and technological activities at all levels. Those in charge of these tasks are managers, directors and coordinators, heads of department, professionals and experts in management, administration and general services.

The administrative personnel who have permanent positions are part of the Hierarchy of the National System of Public Employment (SINEP) – Decree Nº 2098/08.

As regards the admission to CONICET, the requirements are those to apply for the Argentine Public Administration, which are stated in the Law of Public Employment Nº 25.164 and in the Decree mentioned before.

The regulations for hiring temporary staff comprises only transitory services provided, which are not included in the tasks of the regulations for career (permanent positions). These contracts are signed under the terms of Article 9° of the Law of Public Employment and its Regulatory Decree Nº 1421/02.

These personnel are equated with the levels and grades of permanent positions and their salaries according to the corresponding level and respective grade. The Budget Law sets annually the percentages of the entries that can be affected by each jurisdiction or decentralized body for the application of the regulations that were mentioned.

There is also staff hired to provide professional freelance work under the Decree Nº1109/17. These regulations are designed to cover the recruiting of professionals to work on specialized or specific work.